I graduated Boot camp, now what?

So, you graduated from a software engineering boot camp and don’t really know what to do next. I completely understand because I was in your shoes very recently. Hopefully this will help you know what to focus on next. I included many links to amazing articles that helped me.

Coding is Fun!

Algorithms and Data Structures

These are very important to focus on next. You will be solving algos in technical interviews and they are essential in your future software engineering career. The main once to focus on are:

With a focus on:

Here are a few great links on learning those algos and data structures:

For practice I recommend these websites:

Hacker Rank

Leet Code

Time and Space Complexity (you know, Big O)

The big O of algos is something that will seem foreign at first but don’t worry it will click eventually and come naturally. Here are some great articles including a cheat sheet on Big O.

Big O Cheat Sheet

A Beginner’s Guide to Big O notation

JavaScript and React docs (whatever language or framework that you consider your main)

It is very important to really know the fundamentals well! Memorizing algos is not the way to go. Focus on the fundamentals and then any problem will become solvable. Since I learned JavaScript and React at boot camp, I mainly focused on those first. After that, I started adding more languages and frameworks to my skillset.




LinkedIn and GitHub

Get these up to speed. This is where you can show off your skills, so keep GitHub in the green, and get that LinkedIn profile looking sharp.

LinkedIn Help

LinkedIn Tips

In closing

This probably seems like a lot to do. It is. It took me about three months, but I didn’t really know what to focus on first.

Good luck! I believe in you!

I am a Full Stack software engineer that enjoys problem solving and can't wait to learn more. Hard work and dedication shape my work ethic.

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